Web Content Writing

Writing for the web.  Ask an expert to do it.

When a potential customer reaches your website you’ve got a matter of seconds to make an impact. He or she is looking for an immediate answer to a question as well as solutions and useful information – and they want it now.

The average web browser isn’t paying close attention. If your content isn’t up to scratch you’ll lose out. If it’s too wordy, rambling, or has long sentences, poor grammar and spelling you’re not presenting your business well. You may start wondering why enquiries rarely ping into your inbox.

Good web content is crucial to your professional online presence: it enhances your business, will persuade and inform and if done properly will evoke a “call to action” – an email or a phone call so that you can do what you do best: selling your services.

As a content writer, I’ll write text for your website that speaks the language of your target audience. I’ll write in an appropriate, focused style, with content that’s approachable and relevant; I’ll create something that reads really well.

Good web content gets straight to the point and doesn’t tell people what they already know. And search engines like it, too.