SEO Copywriting

You probably keep hearing the phrase Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  Simply defined, it’s about making sure that those search engine robotty things know what your page is actually about.

My services will help you to get your business onto page one of Google and/or Bing.  It’s like this:

Google is very sophisticated and now uses over 200 algorithms to rank websites; its search engine crawlers return to sites regularly.  If your content is…

Well written with no spelling mistakes

Relevant and appropriate to the subject

NOT stuffed full of keywords

Regularly refreshed and updated

…search engines will index you.  It doesn’t matter how many keywords you use, if your content isn’t good quality,  your business will be ignored and not found by your potential clients.

Each page needs to be appropriate to its subject: you can’t talk about parrots if you’re describing double glazing.  You can talk about parrots if you have a pet shop. And sell parrots.

I  write in the way that pleases Uncle Google and Auntie Bing.

I write in a way to appeal to your customers, with a persuasive call to action.

I can write regularly for you with really good, relevant content.

In short, I’m an SEO copywriter.  Are you?