Email & Mailshots

I’m good at emails and letters, very good indeed.  I’ve spent a long business career composing effective email shots that have led to meetings and to business being sold so I can definitely help you on this one. I’ve written posh business letters on headed paper, too.

Sending out poorly written emails or mail shots with (gasp) spelling errors in them will harm your company’s reputation; a well-worded email, crisp and to the point will enhance it and more importantly, people will remember you when you call to follow it up.  You were planning on doing this, weren’t you?

Hiring me to create your email and mail shots will ensure that you consolidate that crucial and easily lost company image.

And if you’re wondering how it all works, a good mail/email shot should have:

  • An eye-catching headline
  • A body copy focusing on key benefits and appealing to a customer’s emotions
  • A testimonial (or two)
  • A persuasive call to action
  • A P.S.  after your signature, to re-inforce your message