How I Work photo of cogs interlockedSo, you’ve decided that you need a brochure. It’s expensive, glossy and shows off your business at its best; you have grand plans to send it out in posh textured envelopes to lots of people.

OK, who’s going to write it? If you’re spending money on a brochure, don’t let poor wording destroy your company’s reputation.  Spelling and grammar mistakes committed to print will haunt you every time you open it and believe me, they will be noticed.

A well-written brochure is still – even in 2012 – a highly effective marketing tool, especially if you sell at exhibitions or trade shows.  Even if you don’t, it’s often the first time a potential client will have contact with you. .

Hiring me to write your brochure will ensure that it really speaks to your customers and explains clearly the benefits of your product or service. Your image and company reputation are always at the forefront of my mind and given my business background, I’m rather good at all that vision and objectives stuff.

Make sure that your brochure isn’t filed away in that round circular thing under the desk.  Get me to write it for you.