Blog Writing & Editing

Ooh I love a good old blog, me. Blogging is an effective way of getting fresh, optimised content on to your site on a regular basis and can  establish your business as an industry expert; you can demonstrate that you know your stuff and entre nous, you can show off a bit.

Also, blogs get indexed on search engines, assuming that you’re updating them on a frequent basis.  This is a Good Thing as it means you get “found”.

One teeny tiny problem, though: you actually have to do them and sometimes other things get in the way.  Like growing your business.

If you need witty, well-written blogs, properly researched which add value to your site and which will attract visitors, I can provide this service for you.  Remember, content needs to be written for your visitors first and for search engines second.

I write blogs for lots of different client and I’m used to getting to grips with all sorts of ideas, concepts and services.

I also provide a Blog Editing service: easy peasy, bash out your blog and send it to me for a bit of proofing and jiggery pokery.  I will remove split infinitives. Just saying.