How I Work

How I Work photo of cogs interlockedIt’s all very straightforward. Send me an email or give me a call and we’ll chat about:

  • Your business
  • Your project
  • Objectives
  • Timescales

Let’s Get Started

I like people – no, really I do and I’m rather taken with your business so I’d like to meet you. By this time you’ve already approved my proposal and decided you like me, too and you’ve paid my deposit, so thanks very much.

A briefing meeting will establish not just the essential aspects of your business, but who your customers are and how you want to target them.  You may even find yourself reflecting on things you hadn’t thought of…I like it when that happens.

Nearly done

After our meeting, I’ll write the first draft using  the information that you’ve given me – your current marketing, my industry and competitor research and the brief, of course.

I’ll do as many drafts as you need – I’m not precious about my work – but most people only need two and then we’re done.

By the way, If you don’t want to meet (you’ve got a spot or something), that’s fine.  We can chat over the phone