Briefing a Copywriter

How I Work photo of cogs interlockedWorking with Sussex Copywriting Services

As an experienced Brighton and Sussex-based copywriter, I work with many different types of clients throughout the UK and often in London.

Mainly, I create content for websites that gets noticed by search engines and which makes a BIG difference to your Google Rankings.  However,  whatever you need, be it copy for a brochure, an e-book, newsletters, emails, manuals or reports, I can help you. I’m proud to say, not a single industry sector that has defeated me. Not yet anyway.  Send me an email or give me a call and we’ll chat about:

  • Your business
  • Your project
  • Objectives and timescales

We may meet up to discuss your needs in more detail, or we may not need to.  I always like to create a written proposal for my future customers if I can; this helps you to see how I write in a “formal” way and to understand the quality of what I can do for you.  This document will include everything you need to know: your needs, objectives, what I’m doing in terms of creating your copy, pricing, the whole lot.

How Does a Copywriter Create Copy?

The answer is carefully, and with a great degree of skill and attention to detail.

Upon agreement to proceed, I will ask you to pay my deposit, which normally (but not always) represents half my total fee.  Why?  Because this books in my time and covers the initial part of the project, including keyword and other research.  It also proves to me that you are serious about working with a skilled copywriter who can really make a difference to your business.

I will then send you a detailed Briefing Document for you to consider the information I need.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to fill it in.  Us copywriters can do that for you when we create your content, but it’s a good way to get you thinking about what you do and how you do it.

Briefing For Your Project: Let’s Get Started

A face to face briefing is essential if you’re serious about engaging with what I do.  We’ll meet for an hour and a half to establish:

  • Your target market (quite a lot of detail here)
  • Your services
  • How people use your services
  • The features and benefits of what you offer
  • Style/tone/language
  • Your competitors and how you measure up to them

..and much, much else besides.  You may go home with your head full of stuff but in a word:  You give me the FACTS and I’ll turn them into usable, powerful, persuasive or informative web content or copy that will “speak” to your target market in ways that you cannot possibly imagine.

I’ll send you the first two pages to approve and then off I go.  You can have up to two rounds of amendments.

All copyright will belong to you upon final approval.

There you go.  Job Done.