Are you Content with your Content?

Or…why you need a web content writer.

There are some stonkingly bad websites out there.  Fear of being sued offending people prevents me from showing you examples but I’m sure you’ve seen a few.  Why are they bad, though? What provokes an almost immediate Back-To-the-List-of- Dreams reaction?

I’ve done a bit of research on web browsing behaviour: people spend a matter of seconds scanning a home page and if it’s sloppy or not laid out clearly, they’re orf.  I have issues with the colour pink as well, but that’s just me.  I also have ishooos with Trick or Treat and the X Factor.

Anyhoo, what else is a turn-off? You’ve guessed it – take the rest of the day off – it’s the way the content has been put together.

Writing for the web is quite unlike any other medium.  Websites need relatively short, punchy sentences; paragraphs mustn’t be too long; you need text that’s relevant, appropriate and clear; each page should focus entirely on a defined subject and not ramble on.  In short, we require clarity and precision. And…unless you’re a web content writer, you may struggle.

Question: If you’ve ever received promotional material with mistakes therein, what did you do with it? It’s the same with a badly written website,  instead of the round circular thing under your desk, visitors “bounce” back to search engine listings.

You’re a professional so I’m assuming that you’d like your website a) to reflect your company’s high standards and b) to be written in a style to appeal to your customers.

Don’t worry, be happy.  Help is at hand and here’s why (shameless promotion approaching) Sussex Copywriting Services is the company for you.  So, what’s my USP, then?

My background.  I’ve spent over 20 years (OK, nearly 25) in b2b sales.  I’ve sat with MDs, CEOs and senior partners and asked them questions:

What are your objectives? Why?

What’s your best selling service? Why?

What’s your target market? What are your USPs?

(Have you got any Viscount biscuits?)

I had about an hour each time to get the right information out of people and to demonstrate that I’d listened properly.  Then I had to create persuasive written proposals with the “problem” solved by a “solution”.  Oh, and they had to be precise, easy to read and jargon-free.  As you can imagine, I got rather good at doing this.  I’m still good.


Search engine optimisation.  Being found on the internet. The Dark Art.  Except that it isn’t, really.

Google and Bing have gone all posh.  If you stuff your text with keywords, their super spidey senses will ignore you or consider your site as SPAM.  In brief , SEO is about:

A well laid out site (try looking up “good semantic markup”)

Good quality links back to your website

Internal links

Appropriate keywords

A presence on Twitter and Facebook (Google + and Google maps don’t do any harm, either.  LinkedIn, too)

Appropriate page and header descriptions – no more than about 70 characters and each one different.  And, most of all…

Well written, accurate and relevant content.  Your site needs engaging text and you need to update it regularly with refreshed content, articles, newsletters and blogs. I can’t over-emphasise this.  OK, I can.

I know how to write so that search engines will find and index your site; while you’re focusing on growing your business I’ll take care of updating your content. I’ll even research the best keywords for your industry.

And…I’ll write in a style and tone that your target audience will like.

And relax.

Chillax, in fact. Don your Slanket and bed socks, safe in the knowledge that Sussex Copywriting Services is really rather splendid.  A bit like having lots of clean socks in the drawer or clean sheets night.  Give me a call on 01273 721 306, let’s discuss words.