About Me

Copywriting in London and Sussex

I offer high quality web content and general copywriting services to large corporates, SMEs and sole traders in Sussex, London and throughout the whole of the UK.  If you’re an established company looking to outsource some of your marketing, I can play a key role.  If you’re a start up, I can help you, too. 

My name is Susan Beckingham and it will be my greatest pride and joy to take over the often irksome job of creating your own website copy.  I love copywriting, I really do and there is almost no industry sector that I’ve not written copy or website content for.  Except pig farming, perhaps.  Pig farming would be a new one.

My Background

I had an old-fashioned educational upbringing which, in retrospect, I’m very grateful for.  Learning Latin helped, as did endless spelling tests.  I passed three good “A” levels and gained a BA (Hons) in English at Goldsmiths College, University of London and a Senior Diploma in Business French at the Paris Chamber of Commerce.  Why does this matter?  Because education, words, grammar and spelling really matter if you do what I do.

Before becoming a lickety spit Copywriter, I had a long, successful career in senior level business development and client management, persuading all sorts of companies to part with large amounts of money for marketing services they never knew they needed.  I wore suits and commuted on one of those train things that don’t seem to work any more.

When I had a proper job, I:

  • Created hundreds of big chunky proposals and tenders, selling to the private and public sector
  • Cold called businesses and was good at it
  • Wrote and created powerful emails that got me in front of people time after time.  I still do this.
  • Wrote hundreds of press releases, reports and presentations
  • Stood in front of large audiences as a Sales Director
  • Made lots of money…mainly for other people
  • Got up very early and came home very late, totally exhausted

Unlike many other copywriters, I’m not an ex journalist.

My business experience makes me pretty much unique as a copywriter, as I understand how businesses work, why they succeed or fail and how important it is to ask you the right questions  and listen to your answers in order to do a great job.

An Experienced SEO Copywriter in London and Sussex

Over the years, I’ve got to grips with Google.

Having spent a long time learning on-page search engine optimisation, content marketing and how link building works, I reckon I’ve got it.  Google (other search engines are available) is a hard task master.  And, it gets tougher all the time.

I know and understand how good quality content goes hand in hand with SEO and how in-depth content, good quality on-page SEO, links, and article exchange WILL make a difference to your business.

Now how many copywriters can do THAT for you?

My attitude is professional: I commit to delivery dates and a job is never finished until you’re totally happy with what I’ve done.

Sussex Copywriting Services has worked with several different industry sectors and has delivered effective copy, both to time and within budget.  They’re even happy to say nice things about me.

Drop me a call or email me if you’d like to find out how I can help you and your business.